Reminiscence is an exhibition of landscape connections, impressions and memories. Travelling the New England Highway and the back roads, in the car, walking through the bush or contemplating the view from the deck at home.

Initially I focused on the watercolour medium with selected areas of latex masking fluid in the artworks. The masked areas provide an interim barrier to selected areas of the paper during the application of the watercolour washes. The juxtaposition of line and loose colour areas reflect my appreciation of the positive-negative qualities of the linoleum print medium. As the artworks progressed, my natural inclination to sketch and love of mark making became integral to the compositions. Leaving light pencil lines and utilising the resist created from the oil pastel lines when combined with the watercolour washes.

The compositions are reminiscent of granite outcrops and the agricultural pastoral landscape of the New England region. Most mornings I wake to the call of birds and cool morning air. Inspiration for my artworks are frequently connected to my photographs. Scrolling through my photographs provide the source imagery and affirm my landscape experiences, that are redolent of the change of season, the shifting atmospherics and the play of light and colour on shapes and landforms.
— Alison Goodwin, referencing her 2019 exhibition, Reminiscence