MAy - JUNE 2017

A RIVER SOMEWHERE: Yvonne overton

OPENS 4 May - 4 June 2017

Yvonne Overton's art practice has changed direction from a world of ceramics and textiles to painting, firstly oil, to then watercolour. For her, the main delight of watercolour painting is its fluidity and transparency.

Her practice is based on mixing paint with large quantities of water then washing in quickly over large areas, then with less water build up positive shapes as the paper goes through the varies stages of drying.


at the table...: Katherine MAHONEY

 OPENS 4 May - 4 June 2017

Katherine Mahoney’s ceramics are represented in many museums throughout Asia and in private and corporate collections worldwide. She trained as a production thrower in the UK in the mid-1970s, taking an apprenticeship with Keith Harding at Cranbrook Station Pottery. After managing one of Cranbrook Station’s branch potteries, Katherine and her brother opened their own pottery studio in Kent (Fulling Mill Pottery) and produced a range of domestic ware.

Katherine has since lived in Hong Kong and Australia. In Hong Kong she was heavily influenced by Asia’s rich history of ceramics. This influence inspired her to start producing single pieces of ceramic which she exhibited very successfully. She started to gain an international reputation and her work was sought worldwide. Katherine’s stoneware and porcelain pieces are glazed mainly in cool green, blues and stark white, colours influenced by her study of her craft in Asia.

Since her move to Australia in 1996, Katherine has continued to create one-off wheel thrown pieces and has also moved into creating more sculptural forms, using a wide range of materials. Being a member, she regularly exhibits with The Sculptors Society, although most of her pieces are sold privately or through galleries.