Emily simson

Emily is a printmaker and painter currently living and working in Armidale, NSW.

“I am making artworks from memories and images of trees in the local nature reserves and natural remnants seen on the roadside between towns in the New England and North West. Fascinated by the striking shadows made by tree trunks and glimmering light and dark speckled through the leaves, I take photos, make drawings in black and white, then make Unique State* lino prints and paint.

To paint I use acrylic paints on board or canvas building and covering layers as the image develops.

The lino prints begin with black and white drawings focusing on the light and dark, the technique used here combines my love of printmaking with the spontaneity of drawing. The lino blocks are carved, inked and transferred to paper like a Transfer Monotype* allowing me to add drawing elements, tone and blend colours.” - Emily Simson

*Unique State or U.S. means that the print is one of a kind. Even though multiple prints or edition could be made from the Lino Blocks used here, I have chosen to make individual artworks to explore the effects of light and shadows in the landscape.

*Transfer Monotype as I use it - I ink the lino block with a roller, print this onto tracing paper then place the tracing paper ink side down onto the art paper. I draw and press down from the back of the tracing paper which transfers the ink to the create the artwork.