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Christine Murphy & Peter Toth: Same But Different

Showcasing ceramics and works on paper from local artists Christine Murphy and Peter Toth. 

Christine Murphy Artist Statement:

"A combination of intuition and spontaneity plays a part in the disassemblage and reassemablage to create unique organic forms establishing a juxtaposition of strength and fragility, depicting a weathered eroded state as is the nature of earth.

These works are primarily focused on the natural naked beauty of clay expressed through smoking the pieces in a sawdust firing process, the smoke fired work is reflecting the unpredictability of nature and it’s outcomes.

A relinquishing of control allowing nature to play it’s part has become an almost forgotten aspect of our own journey through life. Embracing the joy of letting go and finding the beauty in what is, not what is contrived."

Peter Toth Artist Statement:

"I’ve always liked experimenting. I think of it more as exploration – a sort of intuitive coming together of an image in my mind and the properties of acting itself. I think through my hands. Sometimes I may sketch an idea and then modify and develop it as I work. But most of the time I rely on instinct, to work through the clay to bring an idea to fruition.

Glaze – I require a glaze which would mature in the 1200-degree Celsius range for commercial reasons. Success in the use of a glaze depends like everything else on experience, but the learning process can be very stimulating if you are prepared to explore and experiment."

Earlier Event: November 16
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