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On Edge: Ceramics from Max Powell

"Living in the country and especially here in the New England, the seasons shape and guide us. The basic forces in nature add a structure and richness to how we live our lives and have a powerful impact on how we feel, think and respond.

The designs, forms and process found in nature are reflected in my work and are an endless source of wonder and inspiration.

My ceramic work represents the playing with the elementals of design to create surfaces that give a feeling of our hot dry summers, the cold frosty winter mornings and the many and varied influences and stories that are drawn from the landscape and mixed into the potters clay.

Originally studying painting at the National Art School, a personal detour occurred when I began assisting a friend in their ceramics studio and I came to enjoy the versatility of ceramics…. from the intimate functional objects for every day use to sculptural and expressive works." Max Powell