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Hanna Kay, Aspects 2019

This body of work was inspired by my immediate natural surroundings within the small rural village in which I live. My daily walks are framed by fields of feral grasses and weeds stretching from one side, where the trees edge the riverbank, to the other side, reaching the slopes of the ranges. In some seasons, the dew on the tall weeping stalks will glitter in the rising sun, while the setting evening sun will catch the tips of motionless grasses turning the fields bronze. At other times the grasses are short, either frostbitten or drought thirsty.  The fields of grasses and weeds, which are home to a plethora of insects, spiders, rabbits, frogs, echidnas, snakes, and the trees provide habitation for an abundance of birds, some of which I could not name to save myself.

Particularly moving is watching birds building their nest. Be it a juvenile bower bird constructing his ground-based nest decorated with a collection of blue junk lures, or a honeyeater assembling an assortment of twigs in a melaleuca tree. Each bird would fly away and return, again and again, with appropriate building materials. At a certain point, after a careful inspection from all sides, the nest would have reached perfection.

Some nests last for a while, others would be destroyed by forces of nature - be it the wrath of a dominant bower-bird or a fallen branch in a storm. The artworks are a contemplation on the transient nature of habitat, be is a grass field, a river or a nest. - Hanna Kay 2019

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