Frances Feasey

Living in the Blue mountains gives me access to an abundance of wonderful nature. I like to go on a different bush walk each time to experience the variety and difference each visit brings.

 Lately I have been inspired by back burning taking place in the lower Blue mountains. This is the subject matter of my recent work. Back burning is a necessary evil I guess but makes for interesting compositions for art making. All the messy bush/scrub areas have been cleaned out and what's left behind is the basics, the major components of a forest ie tree trunks, exposed rocks, logs and the uneven surfaces. The colours are uniform and simple; black, white and grey but after looking more closely, all these other subtle colours and textures emerge. It is beautiful and ultimately a different landscape. I find that intriguing.

An ongoing theme in my work is capturing the afternoon light in treescapes. When in the bush, I find interesting things to see during that time; the play of light, the details in the emerging shadows and the changing colours. The intrigue keeps me coming back each time as each visit reveals something different and equally beautiful. 

Back in the studio I gather all the memories, experiences and sketches from the walks and create the artworks from there. Using oil paint on board or canvas I paint layers of thin washes, textures and different mark makings to build the painting up, creating depth and detail and a richer painting with this history. Then I carve back into the surfaces with a different layer of paint isolating and defining different shapes and marks that ultimately end up being the final product - Frances Feasey, 2018

Frances Feasey CV