Hugh Oliverio

My inspiration stems from a rich and diverse cultural heritage. The colourful lifestyles against an exotic backdrop contributed indelibly to an already critical eye and enquiring mind of a child growing up in Singapore in the 50’s and 60’s.

There is a theatrical, magical sense to my vision, unrestricted by particular schools of thought, style or method yet adopting both eastern and western principles. Always aspiring to beauty, it is unashamedly rejoiced in my work. At first sign the visual effect is paramount, holding the key to engage with the art further, and, while opinions differ, the integrity of the piece always speaks for itself in the end.

Mixing mediums to express ideas or thoughts, I respond to the aura of nature in all it’s mystery and grandeur... the frailty of the human spirit reveals a sensitivity... a moment in time brings back a memory, or an idea... a word will inspire... a gesture floats into a composition... light will dictates a mood or colour... found objects inspire sculpture; adornment; the list is endless...

The largest and most rewarding challenge in my repertoire to date was a commission to paint a mural for the entrance foyer of the Victorian Arts Centre in Melbourne. Comprised from 72 panels, the mural spans 12.8 m high x 7.32m wide. Taking a year to complete, painting in my unique oil and glaze technique, the work portrays figuratively the life cycle of the artists by way of nature’s own perennial display.  The changing face of the seasons are represented by a mythical, theatrical pantheon,  we see from the start to finish, their creative journey.  An exit in winter will surface and grow in spring, to celebrate again the seed of their passion to create, to share with all those who care about - their art.

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