Past Exhibitions

JULY - AUGUST 2017                                                                                 


Phil McCormack: The Binary Perspective

Exhibition 13 July - 3rd September 2017

Opening 14th July @ 6pm

My history and experience working in the building and construction industry as a boilermaker welder by trade, has in some ways had an impact on my paintings and design. Which in turn has influenced me on my journey to working as an artist in the two-dimensional mediums of drawing and painting. My work in graphic design via tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter is an extension of my overall life experience in algorithmic form.

The advancements in technology and applications has opened up another pallet for me to express myself out of the physical and into the binary world. Calling on my years in construction and building, some of my works have an industrial feel to them brought about by gathering inspiration and initial materials and colours from the real world and bringing them into my art.

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JUNE - JULY 2017

Sorento Summer

Sorento Summer


A collection of postcard sized artworks

Exhibition Opening Saturday 10th June at 3pm

8 June - 9 July 2017

James White is a watercolour artist based in Armidale, Northern NSW.  

"The appeal with watercolours is that they enable me to paint images with strong clean colours which are full of light.  My subjects are generally drawn from remembered images, from visual incidents observed in other countries or sourced in my local environment.  I focus on telling a story with, where possible, a hint of humour."

- James White




MAY - JUNE 2017


4 May - 4 June 2017

Yvonne Overton's art practice has changed direction from a world of ceramics and textiles to painting, firstly oil, to then watercolour. For her, the main delight of watercolour painting is its fluidity and transparency.

Her practice is based on mixing paint with large quantities of water then washing in quickly over large areas, then with less water build up positive shapes as the paper goes through the varies stages of drying.


 4 May - 4 June 2017

Katherine Mahoney’s ceramics are represented in many museums throughout Asia and in private and corporate collections worldwide. She trained as a production thrower in the UK in the mid-1970s, taking an apprenticeship with Keith Harding at Cranbrook Station Pottery. After managing one of Cranbrook Station’s branch potteries, Katherine and her brother opened their own pottery studio in Kent (Fulling Mill Pottery) and produced a range of domestic ware.

Katherine has since lived in Hong Kong and Australia. In Hong Kong she was heavily influenced by Asia’s rich history of ceramics. This influence inspired her to start producing single pieces of ceramic which she exhibited very successfully. She started to gain an international reputation and her work was sought worldwide. Katherine’s stoneware and porcelain pieces are glazed mainly in cool green, blues and stark white, colours influenced by her study of her craft in Asia.

Since her move to Australia in 1996, Katherine has continued to create one-off wheel thrown pieces and has also moved into creating more sculptural forms, using a wide            range of materials. Being a member, she regularly exhibits with The Sculptors Society, although most of her pieces are sold privately or through galleries.



Yvette and Peter Hugill: Complementary

Opening Saturday 1 APRIL 3PM

Yvette Hugill studied at the National Art School (Graphic Design) and also at Tamworth TAFE campus (Painting and Drawing). 

She uses a variety of media, including pastels, oils, acrylics, coloured pencils and inks. Whilst the majority of her work is the landscape, she also enjoys still life and figurative work.

Peter Hugill was a latecomer to the art scene, joining a pottery class in 2006, and gradually setting up his pottery shed with two kilns beside Yvette’s art studio.

Peter says he is continually inspired by other potters and seeking new techniques, while Yvette continues to teach and exhibit her work in private, corporate and civic collections in Australia, Japan, Ireland, Finland and the United Kingdom.

The World is mine...and some of yours

The World is mine...and some of yours

Tim kyle: GROUNDS

Opening Saturday 1 APRIL 3PM

Tim Kyle is a Sydney based sculptor and painter. His uses the figure as a metaphor for introspection and the human condition - at times void of detail, most are invented portraits linking mood to sculpted forms.

Worked in clay then cast in epoxy resin, Kyle’s robust grey figures are regular finalists in Sculpture by the Sea and the Wynne Prize, which he won in 2003. Large-scale public works can be seen in New Acton, ACT and his work is held in many important public and private collections.

Tim Kyle is represented by Defiance Gallery


'So green it hurts'

'So green it hurts'

Michelle Hungerford: LANDSHAPES

24 February - 24 March 2017

Michelle Hungerford lives and works in Tamworth NSW, Australia, as a full-time working artist who is predominately a painter of the landscape. 

“Michelle Hungerford’s paintings representing something seen as surely as something that has been felt. Hungerford’s painting has evolved from pure abstraction to figurations, from colourful and sharp-edged to gestural and subdued, to a current and fascinationg style that incorporates aspects of all these approaches. ”

— Andrew Frost - Curator








24 February - 24 March 2017

In recent years Charmaine has begun to receive the respect and recognition she is due. In 2012, her solo exhibition at Tamworth Regional Gallery was met with great acclaim.

Charmaine Pike’s landscapes look inwards exploring psychological tension. Through her imagery Charmaine imbues each subject, be it a rock, tree, branch or log with uncanny emotional expression.

Charmaine employs personification, that is, the act of giving an object human characteristics. These elements become players with the changing landscapes as their stage. The feelings given from and amid the objects create a personal connection between the viewer and the work through a common emotional language we all recognise and understand; struggle, pain, loneliness, despair and isolation.

Represented by Defiance Gallery, Sydney and GallerySmith, Melbourne


Grace Costa: Horse

A true Canberra local, Grace gained her Advanced Diploma of Commercial Photography through the Canberra Institute of Technology in early 2000.  Always on the go, Grace has spent the last 16 years building a substantial and multi-award winning portfolio.  She has exhibited her work throughout Australia and most notably the finalist exhibition of the National Photographic Portrait Prize, 2014 at the National Portrait Gallery.

“Exhibition HORSE, celebrates Grace Costa’s life long love of horse, as handed down from her father, through a sophisticated photographic homage. Costa explores her innate captivation with horses in one of Canberra’s most treasured sites, bringing them out of their natural surroundings.”


AMY HAMMOND: Milaan Dhigaraa

Thu, Jan 19, 2017 6:00pm Sun, Feb 19, 2017 2:00pm

Amy is completing her PhD Aboriginal Studies (Gomeroi Weaving), at the University of New England Armidale NSW.  She also runs her own small business Yeee.. Production and Arts Management.

Amy’s background is in Theatre Stage Production, studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, completing a Bachelor in Production and Design.  And has worked with such Theatre companies as the Bangarra Dance Theatre and the Sydney Theatre Company, where she worked on national & international touring productions.

“This exhibition is dedication to may daughter Milaan. A woven bag is never empty because you are always thinking about someone or something at the time of its creation. ”

— Amy Hammond




Works by 10 local Artists from the Tamworth Craft Shed, ceramics department.

Craft sheds' Bio


Sasha Jury-Radford: WANDERLUST

Born in an ambulance ‘19 Miles North of Coonamble’, Sasha Jury-Radford grew up in Walgett. Growing up in a small country town was the building block of her interest in making the most of the simple things in life.

“My sculptures are reminiscent of the architecture I am drawn to when I travel. The organic forms which are cast through years of human traffic and natural erosion. I hope you enjoy my International Village, balanced and in harmony through shape, form and colour”

— Sasha Jury-Radford




'Welcome Rain' 23 x 19 cm Oil on paper

'Welcome Rain' 23 x 19 cm Oil on paper


Opens Sunday 9 October and runs through till the 13 November 2016.

Maree Kelly has tertiary qualifications in both environmental science and art, graduating from Newcastle University with a Degree in Fine Arts in 2000.

This exhibition is a total of 25 new works by the artist. Kelly has used a range of mediums such as oil, pencil, ink & gouache on paper, board & canvas. 

Exhibition Editorial




hanna kay

Since 1970 has been practicing as an artist in;Tel-Aviv Israel, Vienna Austria, a decade in New York and a decade in Sydney. In 2000 moved to live in the Upper-Hunter valley, NSW.

Before arriving in Australia in 1989 exhibited in Museums and galleries in Israel, across Europe and the U.S.A.  In Australia - has been exhibiting regularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. In addition, has had survey exhibitions in selected Regional Galleries and Museums, and participated in numerous group exhibitions in both commercial and public art-galleries and museums.

Represented by Janet Clayton Gallery


Hanna Kay's Bio


MAY - JUNE 2016



Carolyn Young

“For a number of years I have been documenting grassy woodlands in NSW and Victoria. Once common, these ecosystems have been reduced to small pockets amongst farmed land, along roadsides, across reserves and in tucked away cemeteries.

Responding to ecologists and landholders, I return to the same sites and shoot seasonally. Represented in my photographs are intact (reference) grassy woodlands, and woodlands that have been altered by agriculture. The repetitive still life structure across my photographs highlights the change in plant diversity as land management changes.

The images urge viewers to reflect on the past, present and future of these woodlands. ”

— Carolyn Young




Hugh Oliverio

My inspiration stems from a rich and diverse cultural heritage. The colourful lifestyles against an exotic backdrop contributed indelibly to an already critical eye and enquiring mind of a child growing up in Singapore in the 50’s and 60’s.

There is a theatrical, magical sense to my vision, unrestricted by particular schools of thought, style or method yet adopting both eastern and western principles. Always aspiring to beauty, it is unashamedly rejoiced in my work. At first sign the visual effect is paramount, holding the key to engage with the art further, and, while opinions differ, the integrity of the piece always speaks for itself in the end.

Mixing mediums to express ideas or thoughts, I respond to the aura of nature in all it’s mystery and grandeur... the frailty of the human spirit reveals a sensitivity... a moment in time brings back a memory, or an idea... a word will inspire... a gesture floats into a composition... light will dictates a mood or colour... found objects inspire sculpture; adornment; the list is endless...