Marie Larkin

QUEST: The Journey


Register here for online pre-sale access to Marie Larkin’s upcoming exhibition, QUEST: The Journey

Initially set in a post apocalyptic world, this new body of work finds the goddess archetype as a warrior, brave, confident and victorious. The ‘battle ground’ or bleak world she emerges from is indicated, but not always explicit, and left open to interpretation. She emerges wearing armour as a symbol of experience, resilience and knowing, not as the destroyer, but as the protector and creator of new life where there was chaos and destruction. On the ground where she stands, waterfalls begin to flow, plants spring up, animals play… She returns the earth to the paradise it should be. From chaos and hell to the Garden of Eden. She is a metaphor for hope and the qualities of strength, resilience and willpower that mankind must draw upon to survive. She brings balance and new life to return the earth to what it should be.” Marie Larkin

Everyone registered will gain online access to view and purchase works from QUEST: The Journey prior to the exhibition opening to the public. To receive the pre sale link, you must be registered before 6pm Tuesday 9 July 2019 . If you miss this deadline, please contact the gallery and we will send you a link via email.

Pre sale will open online Tuesday 9 July 2019 @6pm

Exhibition runs 11 July until 11 August 2019

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