With their richly saturated and layered surfaces, the latest body of works by Susan Weaver is as much a celebration of surface and colour, as it is a metaphor for the creative act itself.

While she draws inspiration and compositional cues from specific geographic locations, Weaver’s works are not literal transcriptions of the landscape, Night-Lights on a horizon, for instance, or the reflections of light across a moonlit sea, serve more as symbolic suggestions than descriptions. The artist’s repeated use of specific geometric and compositional elements (arcs, the horizon line, diagonals) are part of a private lexicon of motifs that are open to a range of possible interpretations. To this viewer, Weaver’s characteristic use of intense colour, the layered and scraped surfaces, repeated compositional elements and landscape subject, explore the processes of reflection and introspection that are the core of the creative journey.
— Richard Clewarth, Lake Macquarie Regional Gallery