tony hooke

These works are largely based on my wanderings around an area of bushland north of Goulburn, where I established a studio a few years ago.

A particular focus is the Turrallo Creek, its path through surrounding tussock flats, and the steep ranges that form a curtain like a backdrop to the setting.

More though, than the structural form of the place, is its fabric, the temporal changes that take place and its presence that are the real subject.

The landscape in low light has great appeal. As the shadows deepen and the more precise details are lost, the imagination gains more licence to wander and invent.

The medium used is egg tempera. The concept of making my own paint as required with a natural binder and mostly naturally occurring pigments is a very satisfying one. It seems right that many of the pigments in these landscapes are soil derived.
— Tony Hooke, 2019